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Company News About Safety Storage Cabinets Introduction
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Safety Storage Cabinets Introduction

Latest company news about Safety Storage Cabinets Introduction

The key to keeping the risk of storing flammable chemicals at the lowest level possible lies in choosing the right flammable liquid storage equipment. There are actually a couple of steps involved.

First of all, flammable liquids should be kept in special containers that are designed to for such use. They must be very sturdy and clearly marked so people know about their hazardous content right from the start.

But no matter how solid and well-constructed those containers may be, leaks and even spills can never be prevented 100% of the time. This means that a second layer of protection is necessary.

And that's where flammable liquid storage equipment comes in. Ideally, this means cabinets that are designed to keep flammable liquids from getting out -- and they also are good for preventing anything dangerous, such as fire, to get in, i.e., near the flammable liquids.

There are a variety of different cabinets to choose from. They come in different sizes and shapes.

One interesting option involves tower style cabinets that have legs. This can be especially helpful when you have obstacles such as outlets for cables or vents on the floor. The 4" legs allow the cabinets to be placed over those obstacles, be they wires, plumbing, or HVAC vents. The increased ventilation also reduces corrosion.

The legs also make it easier to move the cabinets with a pallet jack or a forklift.

And if the floor is uneven, the legs are helpful too -- because they can be adjusted to make sure the cabinet won't wobble.

When you shop for your flammable liquid storage cabinets, be sure to insist that they meet OSHA and UFC specifications, which will help you comply with their regulations in your facility.

Generally, as long as you shop with a reputable vendor and select a cabinet that meets the above requirements, they are likely to live up to a range of other safety standards as well. The things to insist on are 18 gauge steel construction and more than a dozen safety features that are part of any quality cabinet. They include vents with 2" threaded fittings, fire baffles and caps, leak-proof door seals, double-walled doors, tops, bottoms, and sides, and more.