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Company News About Outdoor Dangerous Goods Stores for drums and small containers
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Outdoor Dangerous Goods Stores for drums and small containers

Latest company news about Outdoor Dangerous Goods Stores for drums and small containers

Outdoor Dangerous Goods Stores for drums and small containers for Australia, Dubai, Europe, Malaysia, India



Safely and securely store up to 350L in this Australian made outdoor dangerous goods storage unit. Australian standard AS1940 CLASS 3, AS1940 CLASS 5.1, AS4326 CLASS 5.2, AS2714 CLASS 6,AS2312, AS/NZS 4452:1997



Available in a variety of styles to accommodate different substances including flammable, corrosive, toxic or oxidizing agents. Simply select your dangerous goods Class requirements from the dropdown menu above.


Safety equipment to store, transfer, use, and dispose of hazardous materials.

Main Specifications of 80-350 litre Chemical Storage Cabinets


Store up to 350L of flammable liquids / corrosive substances / toxic substances / oxidising agents / organic peroxides.

  • Constructed with Heavy duty galvanised steel..
  • with a rear-sloping roof with gutter for rainwater run-off.
  • Ventilated
  • Built-in spill containment bund
  • ISO locking bar
  • Safety and warning signage applied in accordance with Australian Standards.
  • Forklift slots.
  • With welded earth lug and earth stake .
  • Storage within this outdoor dangerous goods store is above the sump not in it.
  • Finished in high build 2-pack epoxy primer and semi-gloss 2-pack polyurethane yellow topcoat, for a total dry film build in excess of 200 microns and in accordance with AS 2312.1-2014.
  • Tie down lugs are included on each side. Certified lifting lugs can be supplied upon request.


Market Segments

  • Charter Schools
  • Higher Education - University, CollegesF
  • ood Beverage facilities
  • Life Science
  • Bio-Technology
  • Industrial Research & Development
  • Medical research
  • Water treatment Plants

Our Advantage

  • High Quality
  • Reliable
  • Durable
  • Reasonable Price
  • Good after Service
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • More Than 10 Years Experience


SUPER CO LTD offers a full line of Outdoor Dangerous Goods Stores, Chemical storage containers, Hazmat storage cage, Flammable storage cabinets, Paint &Ink Storage cabinets, Corrosive storage cabinets, storage cabinets,cleanroom-safe polypropylene cabinets for today's most demanding manufacturing and laboratory environments.
Each product stands up to the most stringent cleanroom / safety requirements.
Now you can have years of clean, safe storage of your hazardous acid / corrosive chemicals and materials with out the rusting due to metal construction or the delaminating of wood core products.
containment base area to provide a 100% liquid-tight safe environment.
Custom designs and sizes are available.