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Company News About European legislation:EN 14470-1
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European legislation:EN 14470-1

Latest company news about European legislation:EN 14470-1

EN 14470-1 DEMAND

This European Standard describes the design and testing criteria for safety storage cabinets to be used in laboratories to store
flammable liquids in locked containers at normal room temperatures.
Primarily, this European Standard covers the three major safety requirements for storage of flammable liquids, which are:
a) minimising the fire risks associated with the storage of flammable substances and protection of the cabinet’s contents in
the event of fire for a known (tested) minimum length of time (fire rating);
b) minimising the amount of vapour released into working environment;
c) retention of accidental spillage within the cabinet.
Testing the cabinet under fire conditions is normative. The fire test is utilized for four categories of fire protection/ratings.
In practice the degree of fire protection/rating allows the user to select, depending on individual circumstances, a safety storage
cabinet which will allow sufficient time for personnel to leave, and fire fighters to enter the laboratory before the flammables
stored may turn from a possible minor/extinguishable fire into an uncontrollable one.
The methods of achieving b) and c) are sufficiently flexible to allow for local/national needs.