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Company News About Chemical, Acid and other dangerous Safety Cabinets
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Chemical, Acid and other dangerous Safety Cabinets

Latest company news about Chemical, Acid and other dangerous Safety Cabinets

Chemical, Acid and other dangerous Safety Cabinets For EUROPE, UAE, MALAYSIA


Chemical, Acid and other Dangerous Safety Cabinets are made and built to comply with the EN regulations, for the storage of chemicals, Flammable liquid, Paints, Pesticide, Toxic and other Hazardous substances.

Available in chemical, acid, toxic and dangerous goods agents.




All quantities of hazardous substances exceeding the daily requirement be stored at the end of the working day in a hazardous substance storage facility to prevent leaks or breakage of bottles . Before using any chemical product, please acquire information regarding the risk steps and safety recommendations by consulting the technical data sheet of the product.

Chemicals, acids and bases are made of acid-proof materials, have a welded external and corrosive-proof internal structure and inside are already equipped with shelves and bottom basin, to collect any spills.

The lockable doors open up to easily remove the tray-shaped shelves with solid hinges.

Chemicals, acids and bases line offers qualified cabinets for the storage of chemical products, acids and bases, preventing the operator from inhaling toxic/dangerous substances.
Be equipped with an aspirator , which must always be active, and with an activated charcoal filter.
Storage must always take place in a suitable safety cabinet for exclusive use, which assures direct ventilation or guaranteed by a special air exchange system.
Be equipped with a forklifted base (with base cover included), to simplify logistics and placement.


Additional accessories:

Can choose a motor and filter , position available.
Can choose Flow system: a device which, by adjusting the aspiration, safeguards the operator and protects the work environment.
Activated charcoal filters with special charcoal are also available, suitable for filtering specific substances.


Model Ext dimension (L x W x H)mm Shelf/ Base basin Int dimension (L x W x H)mm Door Function Color Sump Capacity (Litres)
CS12050 1200 x 500 x 1998mm 3/1 1120 x 450 x 1500mm 2 Chemical , acid storage yellow 766
CS06050 600 x 500 x 1998mm 3/1 520 x 450 x 1500mm 1 Chemical , acid storage yellow 357