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Gas Purification System for Lab usage

Gas Purification System for Lab usage

  • Gas Purification System for Lab usage
Gas Purification System for Lab usage
Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: SOPERSL
Certification: CE.SGS.ISO
Model Number: PS
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 3
Price: USD300-USD10000
Packaging Details: CRATE PACKAGE
Delivery Time: 5-10 WORKING DAYS FOR LCL
Payment Terms: D/P, Western Union
Supply Ability: 3000PCS/MONTH
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Detailed Product Description
Usage: Universal Testing Machine MATERIAL: SS304
Glove Box Chamber: Customize COLOR: Grey
POWER: ELECTRONIC Name: Gas Purification System

Gas Purification System and Digital Control for Lab usage 




  1. Anhydrous, anaerobic and clean, ultra-clean work environment
  2. The R&D and production of batteries and battery materials (lithium-ion battery, battery, solar cell, the lithium iron phosphate, etc.)
  3. The R&D and manufacturing of special lamps: HID lamps, metal halide, ceramic metal halide.
  4. Welding: resistance welding, TIG welding, laser welding, plasma welding, brazing.
  5. OLED R&D and production.
  6. The development and production of medical supplies.
  7. Development and production of the super capacitor.
  8. Fine chemicals, nuclear industry.
  9. The new energy and new materials development and production



Gas purification system used as circulation to remove internal active substances, allowing the system always maintain high cleanliness and high purity inert gas environment (water, oxygen are equipment a 1 ppm below according to ISO 10648-2 ).
Mainly for O2, H2O clearing.



Technical  Specification:


Item 1: Gas purification system



Configuration and


Technical parameters Remark
1 Gas purification system Single purification column (GPS-1)

◎ Copper Catalyst capable of receiving at least 60L oxygen and molecular sieve capable of holding at least 2000g of moisture;

◎ German BASF copper catalyst materials, USA UOP efficient absorbent molecular sieve materials,

◎ The purification system of regeneration process automatically control.(Include 1 heater)

◎ Long-term, continuing to maintain gas purity:

H2O < 1ppm, O2 < 1ppm.

1 Foot controller Waterproof Double pedal Control purification system to increase the pressure and decrease the pressure in the cabinet.
Purge valve Electro-pneumatic valve

Automatic electro-pneumatic valve


1 Circulating Blower High-speed frequency blower

◎ Stainless Steel encapsulated blower .

◎ High degree of vacuum of the circulation pump with various speed;

◎ Flow rate: 100m3/h(58 cfm) at △P=60mbar(60Hz)

2 Pipe line Stainless steel SS304 Stainless pipe lines, Closed Loop Gas Recirculation System with KF40
1 Cooling System Include 1 heat exchanger Used for high temperature operation of users in the main chamber, which cause temperature >45°C
Pressure Control unit

+15 mbar to -15mbar

(relative pressure)

Box pressure with Automatic control;

Manual pressure control is allowed with foot pedal switch (from +15 mbar to -15 mbar)

Pressure Sensor: USA SETRA

Display unit

PLC controller 7”

Color Touch Screen Monitor

Auto Display of moisture and oxygen level during working conditions


Moisture & Oxygen control system New Upgraded Color touch screen: 7 inch

PLC control system, touch-screen operation,


* Moisture concentration: 0~1000ppm, with an accuracy of 0.1ppm.

* Oxygen concentration: 0~1000ppm, with an accuracy of 0.1ppm.

* Automatic system data logging.



Item 2: Accessories



Configuration and


Technical parameters Remark



0~1000ppm, with an accuracy of 0.1ppm

Touch-screen display;

Oxygen sensor could detect less than 1ppm.

Brand: USA AII

1 H2O


0~1000ppm, with an accuracy of 0.1ppm

Touch-screen display;

Moisture sensor could detect less than 1ppm.


Molecular sieve 15kgs

USA UOP brand;

For spare use.

Copper catalyst 15kgs

Germany BASF R3-11 brand;

For spare use

1 Rotary

Vane Pump

4L/S pump speed

Vacuum pump with Oil Mist Filter

Brand: Japan ULVAC





Performance Specification:


Item 1.Control System Functional Description

  1. Automatic pressure control to maintain set pressure limits
  2.  Automatic regeneration control
  3.  Automatic box purging
  4.  Automatic Circulation control
  5.  Foot pedal operated operator pressure control
  6.  System control parameter settings;
  7.  Data Log for Pressure / O2 /H2O Measurement
  8.  End User Login: User /Admin

Item 2: Working conditions and performance indicators



Working Voltage 220 VAC, 50 Hz, single phase
Max. Power ≈2.0KW
Working Gas Operating gas: Inert gas such as N2, Ar, He
Regenerating gas:For regenerating both oxygen and H2O remover, use mixture of H2 (5-10%) and operating gas
Water concentration <1 ppm (20 °C, 1 atm)
Oxygen concentration <1 ppm (20 °C, 1 atm)
The ultra low leak rate technology <0.001 vol% / hr (depending on oxygen concentration inside the glove box)


Power Supply:220V(AC) 50HZ Max. Power:2000W


Remarks:Price include Purification system &Water probe &Oxygen probe &Vacuum Pump

Standard Accessories: Brand

PLC & Touch Screen: Germany SIEMENS

Water Probe: American AII

Oxygen Probe: British MICHELL

Vacuum Pump: Japan ULAVC



Standard Accessories


Touch screen SIEMENS (Germany)
Purification material BASF (Germany) UOP (USA)
Pressure sensor SETRA (USA)
Magnetic Valve BURKERT (Germany)
Moisture Sensor MICHELL (UK)
Oxygen Sensor AII ( USA)
Vacuuum Pump ULVAC (Japan)


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